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Sunday, 7 June 2009

How 2 Print Screen

1. Open 'Paint'. Every standard computer/laptop has it. It should be on Start, All Programs, and then Accessories.

2. Find the button on your keyboard saying either 'Print Screen' or 'Prnt Scrn' (or something on the lines of that). Find the thing you want to take a screenshot of - your suite, medoll etc. - and click the Print Screen button.

3. Go back onto Paint and right-click. Then click 'Paste' and the picture you took should appear.(Click To Enlarge)

4. Crop your picture down or cut some of it out to make it perfect.

5. Then Save it and use it however you want!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

How 2 Get A Picture Onto Tinypic


Welcome to my new blog! This is only rarely going to be used for telling Stardoll members how to do things.

The first thing is going to be how to get a picture onto Tinypic.

1. Go onto Tinypic. You'll see the page to upload your picture/video is already loaded. Click 'Browse'.
2. Choose the picture/video you want to upload.
3. Change the settings to what you want, type in the tags and click Upload.
4. Wait for it to load and then you've got your links to get to your picture!


P.S. My other blog is:
My username is Kelzsprouse_1